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All around the country, first-time gardeners and seasoned pros are jumping into the growing season. No matter where you live, gardening can be a fun, relaxing hobby with these top tips:

Fresh herb flavor

There’s nothing like fresh-cut herbs to liven up a meal. With Burpee’s indoor herb collection, indoor gardeners can enjoy having a selection of popular herbs on hand and ready for any meal.

Fun and inventive veggies

Vegetable gardening is a great way to explore foods you may not have heard of, like Dragon Roll Shishito Pepper, which has become a hit on menus across the country. Milder than a jalapeno with great umami flavor, 1 in 10 peppers is spicy-hot for an intriguing meal experience. They’re easy to grow in planters on patios or in the ground, making them the perfect choice for foodies.